How to invest your time during retirement?

How to invest your time during retirement?

Every day, we read news about the money needed to retire. What happens with the other aspects of life and with the concept of oneself after signing for the last time at work? Here we explain how to evaluate changes that have nothing to do with money. Retirement marks the closure of happy work memories even if it gives way to new opportunities. Most of the people we help make plans for retirement do not expect to have any problems filling their days with grandchildren, hobbies, trips, and volunteer work.

A frequently unexpected challenge for many retirees: the emotional space associated with the identity they leave behind. In particular, men tend to align personal identity more with the work they do than with income. Self-realization comes from doing our job well, knowing its rules and details as a result of experience and feeling safe in a daily routine that provides emotional security. The satisfaction that generates that others count on our work weighs much more than we think.

You can sit down with a qualified financial planner to determine when you can retire from a financial point of view. It will make some assumptions about money and spending. Wisdom and good management help to build confidence to manage your finances after your career. And what about the other parts of his new life? The following are some key questions about intangibles that one must ask before retirement:

  • Do you really enjoy your work? Does it give sense and meaning of purpose to your life?
  • Does your job satisfy critically social needs in your life?
  • If you did not like your job and if it is stressful, do you really want to change careers or retire?
  • Are you prepared psychologically to retire? You have interests or hobbies to occupy your time? Do you have any retirement plan?

Apparently, the challenge in this stage of life lies in facing the unknown, both financially and emotionally. The following are some examples we have observed of challenges that arise after retirement:

Your spouse is used to having no one in the house during the day. Suddenly, he feels his space invaded by his presence. You spend your days at work making important decisions and handling the pressure so add getting info on 2020 Medicare advantage comparison . After retirement, certain things that you had not suddenly noticed before seem to be urgent, since your mind is looking for problems that require important family decisions. One of his favorite pastimes that always relaxed him no longer gives him the same feeling of relief. The various sports your grandchildren practice seem more like a full-time job than precious moments. Leaving his career not only marks the end but also the beginning of a stage. If you plan, many happy days await you ahead.